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01. Preludium
02. Evenfall Lyrics
03. Pale Enchantress Lyrics
04. December Elegy Lyrics
05. Midwintertears Lyrics
06. Angellore Lyrics
07. My Lost Lenore Lyrics
08. Wasteland’s Caress Lyrics
09. … postludium


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Widow’s Weeds | Lyrics

Preludium (instrumental)
Music: Tristania

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Music: Tristania
Lyrics: Morten Veland

Call thy name at nightfall
Reach out for thee life’s rose
Cast thy veils at sunset
Trespass the waning in my halls
Prosperous beauty
Embraced by eden’s heart
Call thy name out tearful
Reveal to me thy deepest loss

Cast… make haste my savage wall
for an end
Thy savage… bleak night
In life thy tears grow scarlet

Come desired nightfall
enchant my grievous loss
Life bewailed at sunset
Trespass the shadows in my heart
Arise before me
bequeath thy grievous loss
Dark at heart I mourn thee
Replace the vigour she once lost

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Pale Enchantress
Music: Morten Veland & Einar Moen
Lyrics: Morten Veland

Dark… thou embrace my bleeding heart
My dreams… uniting our tearful eyes… enchanting
At night… I kiss the serpent in thy tears
For years… thy sorrow I’ve mourned

Harken my moonchilds cry
yearning for another night
Mourning my once beloved
mesmerized and ravendark

My pale enchantress of the night
at last my candle’s burning down
The wintermoon is shining bleak
for thee my enchantress

Enchanting all my dreams
a beauty and her flood of tears
Nightfall embrace my heart
mesmerized and ravendark

My pale enchantress of the night
I desire thee

Fearful I walk with thee… through dusk
Through winds of loss… Her beauty and her
flood embrace my bleeding heart
Tearful I fall with thee… at last
Lead me there… to where thy shadows cast
They dance in velvet darkness lost

Rise… bleak winterfullmoon

In life… I kissed the serpent in thy tears
For years… thy sorrow I mourned…

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December Elegy
Music: Tristania
Lyrics: Morten Veland

May thou carry me to the sea
Like autumn leaves… heaven wither
Savage is the winter prevailing within
I fall for thee… Sorrow entreating me
Makes me leave heaven

I find thy lilies there of snow
where once I died… weeping for thee
Everlasting seems the strife ascending within
Falling for thee…
Darkness confounding me
Makes me leave life

Breed my woe
Descend with broken wings
Midwinternight inside
Merged by life… like thousand
frozen tears
Come melt the ice… maytime…

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Music: Morten Veland & Einar Moen
Lyrics: Morten Veland

Shadowcast upon my heart
endark… thy bleak midwintertears
condemned to mourn in silence
The pale moonrise in her eyes
Serene… like a frozen stream
the flowing beauty in thy tears

I crave for thee my once beloved
Beyond… the veils of darkness lost
where now thy roses wrapped in dusk

Dark enchantress
I suffer thy fullmoonnights
Trespass my undesired darkness

Tears… flowing through thy dreams

Dark enchantress
the seventh fullmoon rise
I drown in dusk and dark rivers

Summon all my dreams
like roses on your epigraph
written in my tears
thy sorrow and my bleeding heart

She comes so serene
my fallen beauty crowned with leaves
Take me to thy dream
Thy candle will forever burn in me…

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Music: Tristania
Lyrics: Morten Veland

Angellore… revered at dusk
for thee I rose
now descend… all alone
Rise for me… soothe my heart
so wide a sea
may I overcome…

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My Lost Lenore
Music: Tristania
Lyrics: Morten Veland

For thy promise bewailed
by her raveneyes
by her beauty and a scarlet sunrise
May thy river bury her silvertears
A fallen angel… enshrined in moonlit seas

Leaving vitality
so serene breeds my darkness
Entreating winterwinds
though I leave… I embrace thee

conceal thy precious angellore
I secrete my soul
under thy wings of sorrow
Dark I embrace thy eyes
wander lost on life’s narrow path
I reveal my heart
to this beauty dressed in dark

Grieving raveneyes
falls asleep with the sunrise
Delightful midsummer breeze
though I leave… I await thee

Grant me thy last midsummer breeze
May thou ascend from endless sleep
… my desire
Dance me above thy moonli seas
Glance yearningly into the deep
a cold and weary night

Descending me like flakes of snow
I embrace the cold
for a life that morrows
Dark I embrace thy heart
Wanderer lost beyond veils of dawn
I conceal thy loss
enthralled in life yet still I mourn
My lost Lenore…

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Wasteland’s Caress
Music: Tristania
Lyrics: Morten Veland

I mourn thee by dusk
I mourn thee by dawn
Crave for thy gloss
to seek the silent glades beyond
precious a glance
thy veils now unfold
tearfull she dance
into this nightfall I behold

Grieve at night
Thy bereavement and thy loss in life
Grieve by day
Thy devotion and thy pass away

Beyond the veils of dawn
from where she Siren calls

The sunset seize within as I walk
Through velvet dusk and dawn
condemned to rise and fall
So grievous through the night she calls
the beauty I once lost
I mourn thee my beloved

Far beneath thy heavens lost
where I once pale and cold
beheld thy rarest rose…

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… postludium (instrumental)
Music: Tristania

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  1. Mari says:

    It’s good to see how Tristania always do wonderfull discs, since this one till Rubicon, all of them have quality. =D